Notes From The Afghan Tea Room

(WARNING: This blog site and moderator are in no way connected, affiliated, supportive of, sponsored by, or otherwise associated with any Islamic, Muslim, Afghan, Central Asian government, non-government agency, corporation, political group, terrorist organization, or state-less group. This site does not and will not advocate for, act as surrogate of, or lend credence or assistance to any of the above same listed organizations.)


This blog is established for the express purpose of debating, discussing, and otherwise haggling over the people, places, and events that are shaping our world today. The initial vector of the discussion and commentary will focus on the subject at hand that I am most familiar with and has occupied a large portion of my recent life history. My curiosity is to “why I myself have been thrust into this world issue” and although playing a minor role, nonetheless a role I have played. If asked prior to my direct involvement in this part of the world whether or not I would have believed my life would be intertwined in these events to the extent so far, I would have said categorically no way! I never ever contemplated that I would have anything to do with the trappings of the Central Asian (or Central Eurasian) geo-political arena. As Paul Harvey use to say: “…and now for the rest of the story…”


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