Finishing Unfinished Business: US Troop Escalation

Seems I barely added a post for a troop surge in Afghanistan and…voila! articles are flying off the proverbial presses of solid decisions to “send more now”. Check out all of the major news services, they’re all stumbling over themselves to put out the latest and greatest. America’s so called “forgotten war” is apparently (and finally!) forgotten no more. I am ecstatic and fully supportive that national policy is finally addressing this war, but I must draw parallels with both Soviet and other nations invasions of the past. While the Russians, British, and others purposefully invaded Afghanistan and committed forces supposedly sufficient to take care of the problem, they were all distracted with higher priority national concerns which drained resources away. It wasn’t until each previous foreign invader finally admitted the untenable position of their then current resource level allocation and eventually shifted from the other higher priority issue(s) that each began to “surge” into this dusty land with apparent “necessary forces for the job”. Check out the Soviet escalation of the 1980s and the British invasions of the 1800s. Perhaps US involvement will “break the mold” and not follow step with previous similar military incursions. Yes, many could point out the differences in reasons for each invasion force, I guess attempting to make a moral or ethical argument. I am not here to advocate for or against the superior or inferior purposes behind previous invasions, merely pointing out that each one has tended to follow a similar deployment pattern. This pattern seems to allow the enemy forces to establish themselves for a long term resistance. This long term resistance nearly always favors the opposition forces allowing them to establish institutional support systems. For the most part, while attempting to practice good nationhood, the invader nation cannot halt, impede, or destroy these institutional support channels because it would result in a widening of the war or damaging conduct towards a friendly or allied nation. Well, lets see how this plays out for the next few weeks. Will NATO and UN forces increase also? Can Pakistan be brought to greater accountability; will they eventually let us venture into their Federally Administrated Tribal Areas? Questions, questions, questions…where are the answers?


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