About Me and My Blog

I still consider myself an amateur historian of varied interests, mostly military history, but many other specified histories peak my history too. I know I do not have as broad a background or education as many, many others out there. So that’s why I’m enlisting the aid of those same persons (if you’re out there and reading, please chime in) more knowledgable than I to contribute to my overall knowledge base by presenting this humble blog site for idea exchange and comment.

A little description of my background in and for this particular area:

I have had the dubious distinction (mostly at the behest of our Federal government and Armed Forces) to have been present, for seven month stretches or more, in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (IROA) three consequtive times since 2004. If not for retirement, I would have completed a fourth and be prepping for a fifth rotation. This has allowed me to see up close and personal the people and places that I had only previously read about or seen in pictures. Since this particular locale has occupied the greater part of my waking attention for the past six years, I have naturally sought to make myself as studied as possible on the history, land, and people. Not having unlimited time to dedicate to absorbing all the fine documentation existing on this area, I now resort to accessing the collected wisdom, knowledge, and experience of all of you, the internet audience. I feel that I have read much and know a good bit on this area but am realistic enough to know that I am still woefully “uneducated” (at least to the extent that I, myself would like to be at).




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